Train your clients at home

This post here goes to all the bodybuilding and fitness trainers that are struggling to make a living and there are so many out there that this entire situation is quite sad. People, you need to wake up, the real money making opportunity in trining individuals is training them at home and not at a GYM. People will pay you at least $50-$60 per hour to train them in the comfort of their homes and you are making a lot less when employed by a GYM. I am basically too lazy to go to everybody's home and train them but I did this at some point in my life too. The money is too good to deny. Now I am not training people at home anymore because my business is going too well and I have the freedom of having a lot of free time. This is why I started this blog, to help out at least like this if I am not training people anymore or even training myself that much to be honest. I am now weighing in at 300 pounds and it is not pure muscle belive me.

Leaving that aside let us get back to the subject at hand. You need to start training people at home if you are a trainer that really wants to gain money. The problem is that all you learnt is directly linked to training people in the surroundings of a GYM. I know it is so because I probably took similar classes as you did to get my license. When you train people at home the advanced techniques you learnt will do you no good and you will start to work on learning again.

Luckily I found something that helped out a friend of mine a lot. He was fired from a GYM and I was browsing the Internet to try and find him a job. He is a very good trainer and quite motivational. In return I found a webpage that was basically selling a package dealing with training clients at home. I recommended it to him, he was desperate and bought it and now he is gaining around $300 per day by training people in the comfort of their homes. That is interesting and when I found out yesterday that it helped him out like that I just had to share this site.

What I liked is what you get: a special ebook telling you what to do, a DVD filled with exercises you can do, another DVD with exercises using portable equipment, 2 DVDs of example training sessions with some clients, a CD Rom with all the legal documentation you need, a copy of another book that tells you how to sell yourself as a personal trainer, a list of sites that offer training insurance, another ebook that tells you how to mold to every type of client you might have, a 10% discount at, an exercise package that shows the basic exercises everybody can do at home with illustrations and a whole lot more. This is basically a package that is worth somewhere around $900-$1100 if you buy everything individually. You can get it here for $297 with a 60 days money back guarantee and this is a huge sale and an opportuinty for success that most not be missed by any trainer out there. Hope this proves to be usefull and make you enough money to live the healthy life you want for yourself and your family.

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