Low Fat Diets - Are they Good?

The answer to this question is very simple: NO! Low fat diets are very bad for an individual's general well-being, not to mention his health. This is because healthy fat is very important in keeping your skin looking good, lubricated joints and a key factor in hormone production. If you want to eliminate something from your diet you need to start with sugar and not fat! By doing this you will actually get your glucoze level to be in a healthy range and this induces fat loss. Just do this! Eliminate sugar all together from your diet for a week or two and keep on doing what you do! You will see something change!

If you chose to go for a low fat diet your testosterone level will drop together with progesterone production. In case you did not know, both are important for men and women in order to loose weight. It's simple, if you do not have enough fat in your diet you won't have enough levels of testosterone to aid you in loosing weight because you can not develop muscle. Building muscle is the best way to get rid of fat and keeping it off.

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  1. Well all in all we shouldn't forget that best way of getting all vital minerals, vitamins AND UNSATURATED FATS is from food, i think it's better to choose to eat low fat meat, milk products, tofu, salmon, in the worse case cheap whey protein, canned tuna... instead of spending huge amount of money for medicine after ruining immunity with all the chemicals - "food supplements". But moderation amounts of supplements and fats can help improving your health.