The incredible VIda Guerra and some facts about her

Born: Havana, Cuba, 1980
Vida Guerra famous quotes:
-> A lot of men out there don't want a girl who's all skinny; they want a voluptuous woman. My curves -- particularly my butt -- are what I get complimented on the most.
-> I go to the gym three to four times a week, try to eat healthy when I can and drink a lot of water. It really sucks to exercise but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
-> I want to get more into acting and become an actress. That's my one and only goal.
Measurements: 34C-25-37
Height: 1.60 m
Is of Cuban ethnicity.
Fluently speaks Spanish and English
Has become one of the planet's most lusted-after women since posing in FHM.

10 Tips to help you lose weight

1 . Work out at least 3 times per week
2. Don't eat much but varied and every 3-4 hours
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Don't miss any planed meal
5. Keep a jurnal so that you can note what you ate
6. NEVER miss breakfast
7. Stop trying to lose weight fast. It's better, safer and with bigger results if done properly and slowly
8. Don't cheat in your diet. To make it easier to hold you should eat what you want in one day per week. The other days should be dedicated strickly to the diet
9. Give yourself a reward once you crossed a goal you wanted to reach
10. Think possitive! You can lose weight and you are going to do it!

Things you did not know about wrestlers

I thought it would be interesting to post some fact you might not know about WWE wrestlers:
  • - Steve Austin collects antiques
  • - Test (Andrew Martin) was trained by the soon to be inducted in the hall of fame Bret "The Hitman" Hart.
  • - Kane (real name Glen Jacobs) has a degree in English and Teaching.
  • - Shawn Michaels is a huge fan of famous coutry singer, Garth Brooks
  • - Vader plays the piano
  • - In 1995, Buff Bagwell had calf implants. They eventually leaked and had to be removed.
  • - Chris Benoit's finisher, "The Crippler Cross Face" was invented by Dean Malenko
  • - Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair's first fought in October 1991. Flair won
  • - Hulk Hogan received $1.8 million for the match against "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Wrestlemania V.
  • - Roddy Piper was the best man at Ric Flair's wedding
  • - Bret Hart is the only wrestler ever to be a triple crown winner in both the WWE and WCW.
  • - Lita has the word 'PUNK' tattooed on the inside of her lower lip.
  • - Vince McMahon is oldest WWE World Champion ever.