Quadriceps Training

Have you ever seen great bodies that simply look very good from the waste up but simply do not have legs that are as big as their upper body? I'm sure you did and these "chicken legs" are definitely not looking good from a symmetry standpoint. So many individuals think that if you start running, go for hikes or ride a bicycle they will get big and strong legs. Well, they are simply making a huge bodybuilding mistake.

The quadriceps are the muscles located right at the front of the leg. They are very important as they extend it at the knee and help to flex the hip. Four big muscles make up the quadriceps and they are all important for the body and how it looks. For a professional bodybuilder, having a perfect upper body and bad legs is just competition suicide.

Most bodybuilders use the same exercises to train the quadriceps. The Free Bar Squat is the one that actually helps out muscle growth in this area the most and it also stimulates the upper body too because in order to perform the lift part of the exercise you have to use upper body muscles as well. When keeping the bar squat on your back the upper body muscles have to hold a static contraction in order to just keep it in place. Such stress you get from this free bar squat actually stimulates hormone secretion in the biggest way possible during training. A hard squat session will not only prove to be the best exercise for your quadriceps but can also help out the entire body. Do not neglect it and always have a partner ready to help out as injuries tend to appear the most in this exercise. The reason behind it is that novice bodybuilders tend to do it wrong and a partner can point that out and help you out if something bad is about to happen.

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