Are energy drinks good for anything?

I am sure you noticed that you are surrounded by energy drinks commercials everywhere you turn and let's face it, they taste good and the wrappings and publicity basically sells them like crazy. Now I am going to ask you one thing: how many bodybuilders did you see drinking these "great" energy drinks? Think about it and tell me later because I already know the answer to that question. Did you ever look at the ingredients in these drinks? They have so much sugar and caffeine in them that some are actually above what can be considered healthy. You get yourself an energy kick but at what cost. Surely you will also find different minerals, vitamins, ginseng and other ingredients that are healthy but that does not matter when you put in so much of these two damaging ones. Think twice before purchasing one or at least take a look at the ingredients list, some of them are not that bad but 90% of all energy drinks are not healthy at all.

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