Bodybuilder mentality

I started thinking today as I went to the gym about how bodybuilders think about themselves. I am sure you saw a lot of examples of great bodies that had louzy attitudes. The fact is simple, if you have a good body and you can give lessons to others that's what you should do not boast about your physique. Bodybuilding is not about convincing yourself and others how good you are and this attitude is often the difference between a champion and just a great body with no prospects nor friends. There are many professional bodybuilders out there that have some success but don't even have a training partner because of their mentality. Bodybuilding should be a lifestyle as so many people say. You practice this sport to become a mature and better person and get healthy not just to look good. If bodybuilding becomes an obsession of making you the best possible then it is no longer a lifestyle and obsessions are definitely not good.

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