Mia Sand, aka Miss Mia Fit

Some time ago, everyone knew a danish named Mia Sand who, despite her 80 kg, is considered by many to be the ideal woman of today. Sand is very active in her social networks where she motivates her followers to lead a healthy life. People from all over the world admire its body and its curves. His figure challenges the figures of today's skinny models.

Mia started her fitness adventure when her first-born son was four years old. The woman in one of her interviews admitted that she has always been a tall, curvy girl. Like most teenagers, she had difficulties accepting herself and loving her body as it was. However, she did not let herself get carried away by the depression and decided to work on her body to see the best version of herself in the mirror. He started by going to the local gym when he was 25 years old and was already a child's mother. During her pregnancy she gained a few extra kilos of which she was not happy and decided to exercise regularly to recover her previous figure or even improve it.

Mia admits that at the beginning it was difficult because her physical condition was not in the best state. However, he did not give up and little by little his love for the gym and lifting weights was born. Following the advice of his private trainer, he started lifting heavier objects to sculpt his body. Now, with her own experience, Mia motivates women around the world to fight for their dreams. It also teaches them that the only limits are those they have in their heads; others do not exist.

Her message to young mothers is that they do not just conform to being a mother, but rather to do something for them and their bodies. Nor is ashamed to remind herself and all those around her that what she has achieved is to set goals that defy the norm and not conform to the standard norms established by society. With this mentality inspires a large base of admirers, both young women and men.

According to Mia, in order to be fit, it is necessary to exercise frequently and maintain the balance between physical activity and diet, since one can not function without the other. Now, the beautiful Danish woman fully accepts herself, but knows that she has to work every day on her figure to keep the results. It is a beautiful example to follow for all who want to change their lives and fight for their dreams.