Bobby Lashley Workout with Maxim

The WWE superstars seem to be very researched on the web these days, especially their workout routines. After discussing John Cena's workout yesterday let us now talk about Bobby Lashley. This individual has an incredibly great body. Actually, most WWE superstars have great bodies but Bobby Lashley stands out. He once went at a photoshoot with Maxim Magazine for an interview in the Expert Fitness column they publish. Bobby gave some advice and also showed some of his secrets. If you want to find out about a superstar's workout regime there is a big chance it will be published in a magazine, especially with somebody that has a body like Lashley. He stated :
"I’m going to give away a couple of my secrets to my successes with my body and build. "
Lashley did something nice in that shoot. He immediately built a makeshift pull up bar out of photo equipment as you can see from the picture attached and did a total of five exercise. He said that:
"We did have to rig the bar a little bit to get that exercise in; however, my back is my strong point when I work out, so a pull up is pretty easy for me. I do a lot of core work, so I work my abs a lot, so that was easier for me. For the average person it’s probably going to be more difficult to do."
Isn't it interesting how every great body out there always say that they work a lot in order to have that body? That is what you should do as well! Work out, work out hard and you WILL see results! Just in case you do not know who Bobby Lashley is maybe you should read our Great Body Bobby Lashley dedicated post some time ago.

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