Great Body - Eugen Sandow

Now I am sure that most bodybuilders today have no ideea who Eugen Sandow was and that is why I decided to pick him as today's Great Body of the Day. Eugen Sandow was born Friederich Wilhelm Mueller on April 2 1867. He died on the 14th of October 1925 but he is the individual that people refer to as the "Father of Modern Bodybuilding". We basically have to thank this guy as much as we have to thank Weider or Arnold for promoting this sport.

Sandow loved Greek and Roman statues of gladiators together with other statues of heroes. He loved them so much that he considered the physique depicted in them to be how a man should look like. By the tender age of 19 he had already reached part of his goals and was performing stunts in different side shows. People din not care about how much he lifted, they were amazed of how he looked. That is when a famous promoter, Florenz Ziegfeld, became his manager and had him perform shows in which Sandow showed off his body. They were called "muscle display performances". This can be considered the "father" of bodybuilding shows and competitions as later on in time a competition was also organized, the first ever bodybuilding competition. Eugen Sandow even built the first ever line of equipment and was among the first people in history to market a product by using as brand his own name.

Eugen Sandow did a lot for this sport and so few people know about him that I just had to let at least some know about him.

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