Interview With MMA Trainer Fred George

Mixed Marial Arts (also known as MMA) is a different sport than most others because there is a lot of work that needs to be done and your body must go through intense training. I tried one simple MMA training session once and I couldn't finish it so I have to hand it to these guys for the effort they put in. I found an interview with Fred George, a MMA trainer that works in Las Vegas. He has had a lot of success in training MMA and is getting more popular each month. Fred was also given responsabilities in training some of today's top athletes with Kevin Randleman being just one of the high prospects under George's training. Even more, Fred George has been involved in two MMA matches and won both by TKO. After the matches he even says that the intensity involved in them is not even close to the training strategies he uses today as a routine. The TKOs were actually achieved in the first round, one after 54 sec and the other after 5 minutes.

In this interview I found on Fred George answers interesting questions like:
- Exactly what is your background in the martial arts Fred? What led to your involvement?
- When you competed in MMA you were a pretty big guy. Do you still train for size, or have your goals changed?
- Do you have any big names fighting soon?
- As a trainer, what kind of style do you teach?
- What do you focus on primarily for your athletes in the weeks leading up to a fight?
- How would you go about replicating the conditions of a big fight, when training one of your athletes to face someone of say Ken Shamrock's caliber?
- How do you develop speed in your fighters?

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