The European Parliament Helps Out

I am sure all of you saw a lot of commercials for "incredible" products that are labeled with something like "Eat and loose weight". These statements are put there to mislead instead of help out. We all know how important it is to eat properly and most of us should know (if you don't already) that there is not one single product out there that will make you lose help without exercise. It's very simple: you eat you put on weight! If you eat healthy and exercise you can lose weight. The good news is that the European Parliament is set to talk about and discuss the situation. It is said that soon there will be a change in reglementations that will not allow companies to write fictious statements on their products. I'm sure all people that now how to live healthy will salute this!

The Marine's Revenge

Let us talk a bit about John Cena. He is a wrestler, a pretty charismatic one with huge potential that still did not reach its peak (although he is WWE Champion). He is also a rapper with a decent album, one that was a lot better than I expected. Now John Cena transformed in The Marine. If you have been watching WWE Raw you definitely saw or heard about the movie. I just saw it and I must say I was dissapointed. I was sure that John Cena was not actor material and the movie did not show that he is but it also did not show the contrary. There isn't much acting in the movie. If you want a lot of action and explosions this is the movie for you. John Cena basically kicks ass in a variety of ways. You can of course see some wrestling moves including a shoulder tackle and a nice one handed cholk slam. Besides that you will get to watch a pretty unreal movie. I can not believe that in the 20th century we still produce movies like this. Don't get me wrong, the movie is not that bad. It was funny in a couple of situations and the effects, fighting and overall action of the movie were pretty interesting. The main thing that distrubes is that John gets out of the most incredible situations without any injury at all. A gas station explodes, he is inside the shop and he survives, he falls off a cliff with a car and survives and he gets taken through buildings and still survives without anything broken. On the other side a simple John Cholk Slam through some pieces of wood destroy an opponent. HMMMM. you will see what I mean. The Marine - John Cena's first movie. My overall opinion (better than Hogan's movies but worse than many others)

Jay Cutler is Mr. Olympia

I'm sure you allo know by now but it is important to mention again: Ronnie Coleman's Mr Olympia throne was taken by Jay Cutler. After dominating the bodybuilding industry for 8 years in a row Ronnie had to settle for second best. Jay Cutler is Mr Olympia. As you could of expected it was a pretty close competition and nobody could have predicted it or not. Last year showed us an impressive Jay Cutler but he wasn't number 1 material then. He now is (or is Ronnie dropping?) A lot of questions have risen and people are already speculating on the outcome of Mr Olympia 2007. It will be whole year until that. Meanwhile Jay Cutler will enjoy his reign. The official standings of Mr Olympia 2006 are:

1. Jay Cutler
2. Ronnie Coleman
3. Victor Martinez
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Melvin Anthony
6. Gustavo Badell
7. Toney Freeman
8. Markus Ruhl
9. Dennis James
10. G√ľnter Schlierkamp
11. Vince Taylor
12. Branch Warren
13. Johnnie O. Jackson
14. Dareem Charles
15. Troy Alves
I should mention the other winners as well:
- Mrs. Olympia -> Iris Kylie
- Figure Olympia -> Jenny Linn
- Fitness Olympia -> Adela Garcia

We wish them all the best and the runner ups need to keep on fighting.

Ronnie Coleman is in danger

Ronnie Coleman is in danger but not of loosing his Mr. Olympia rain. He is in danger of loosing the number one spot in a unofficial Best Biceps ranking. The one that is about to beat him is young Daryl Gee. Just as Ronnie Coleman he has massive and cut biceps from one edge to the other. The only real difference is that Daryl's are bigger and that is very important in bodybuilding as we all know. I think Daryl will go a long way with the help of these biceps. All around he looks pretty good but he still has a lot of work before challenging the top bodybuilders in the game. Gee is already getting noticed and specialists are taking a closer look at him every day.

Rachel McLish is 48 years old

The lovely Rachel McLish has just got to the age of 48. If this scares most women today for her it's nothing as she still looks as well as 26 years ago. That's when she won Miss Olympia, in the first year if its existance. As you can see from the picture the standards of female bodybuilding were definitely different. This is the main cause, at least from my point of view why this side of bodybuilding is constantly dropping in fans. It is a shame that women forget that they are women and it is an even bigger shame that influent people in this sport encourage this attitude. Most men today say that they really like a woman with a hot body but there is simply too much muscle on today's bodybuilding models. It's one thing to look at Trish Stratus for instance and another one to look at a woman that looks exactly as a man from the back. Leaving that aside, Happy Birthday Rachel and may your life be as beautiful as it was until now.