Jay Cutler is Mr. Olympia

I'm sure you allo know by now but it is important to mention again: Ronnie Coleman's Mr Olympia throne was taken by Jay Cutler. After dominating the bodybuilding industry for 8 years in a row Ronnie had to settle for second best. Jay Cutler is Mr Olympia. As you could of expected it was a pretty close competition and nobody could have predicted it or not. Last year showed us an impressive Jay Cutler but he wasn't number 1 material then. He now is (or is Ronnie dropping?) A lot of questions have risen and people are already speculating on the outcome of Mr Olympia 2007. It will be whole year until that. Meanwhile Jay Cutler will enjoy his reign. The official standings of Mr Olympia 2006 are:

1. Jay Cutler
2. Ronnie Coleman
3. Victor Martinez
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Melvin Anthony
6. Gustavo Badell
7. Toney Freeman
8. Markus Ruhl
9. Dennis James
10. G√ľnter Schlierkamp
11. Vince Taylor
12. Branch Warren
13. Johnnie O. Jackson
14. Dareem Charles
15. Troy Alves
I should mention the other winners as well:
- Mrs. Olympia -> Iris Kylie
- Figure Olympia -> Jenny Linn
- Fitness Olympia -> Adela Garcia

We wish them all the best and the runner ups need to keep on fighting.

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