Bodybuilding Helps You Loose Weight

Right before I go to sleep there is one thing I want to point out here! Bodybuilding is a great way to loose weight even if you might not realize it! In such a resistance/bodybuilding workout you do burn more calories than you think and if hit with a simple and proper diet and good sleep you WILL be loosing weight in no time!

Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding

There are a lot of mistakes that one can do when working out and the list is quite big and can take months if not years until a bodybuilder can achieve the proper discipline to practice this sport. It is always a good thing to know what the most common mistakes are and should be a reality in training for novices and professionals.

First of all there is a need to talk about cardio workout. Most of us know that you can not loose waith and get a great waist without cardio. The problem is that a lof of people overdo it and this has a bad effect just as with any excess in one's life. The best way to handle this situation is analyzing your workout. If you are lean but do not look lean and cardio is not doing anything you should cut all cardio workout to 50% of what you normally do for some time. If results appear then this is your problem. A lot of people fail to understand this.

Carbs are vital to your workout. Starting a diet with small quantities of carbs can lower your metabolism because this is how the body reacts to the lack of carbohydrates. If you take on this type of a diet you have to realize that carbs are important and you should take in some shakes with high carbs as they are the ones that give you energy. If you do not have energy for your heavy workout the body can only suffer!

Many individuals (when trying to loose weight) will use lighter weights. In order to achieve your goal you have to maintain the same standard of training and using lighter weights will not help you loose pounds. Keep on training hard and work on your diet and supplements rather than lowering your workout!

Fitness and Life

Take a second to think about fitness in general! What do you gain from this? The only thing that usually comes to mind is: a fit body! The truth as I see it is that you have a lot more to gain from fitness, bodybuilding and sports in general. First of all you get discipline and good habits are developed. You also learn about moderation and how everything in one's life needs to be moderated in order to succeed. You can not workout every single day as your body will crash. In life you can not sleep just a few hours per day without getting tired or keep on going with your job without a vacation. It's the same thing and fitness teaches you this! As you keep on working out you immediately learn that priorities are important and that you have to set your goals in order to suceed. For every action there is a consequence always and learn the fact that you should focus on the travel and not the destination. You must not look at where you can get but how you are going to get there. Fitness keeps you motivated and teaches you all of these and a whole lot more. There is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn't keep on practicing fitness!

Summer snacks

Summer is just right down the alley and everyone will be looking for food that does not add up too much. Summer diets start just about know and everyone is looking forward to looking his/her best when at the beach. Anyone involved in bodybuilding or fitness is in this situation. The problems also appear because there are a lot of outdoor barbecues and parties that do not serve that good of meals for one's body! If you want to approach the situation with health in mind maybe you would want to try out changing some snacks.

Why not start out with a fish burger instead of the regular burger served at barbecues? By doing this you immediately bring down saturated fat. Few people think about making a fish burger but bodybuilders will tell you that it is quite a treat and offers a different taste and is also nutritionally high. You can also try out barbecue beans, a Banana Colada Smoothie or some Peanut Butter Popcorn with a twist.

What to do when hangover is unavoidable?

Ok so hangovers are avoidable because you can always not drink but if you have to you need to minimize the damage. The previous post told you about the negatives of consuming alchool when mixed with bodybuilding. We need to be honest! Most of the visitors that will get to this site will be young and I am young and this means we all enjoy a drink or two once in a while. We do go to parties thinking about getting as much alcohool in as possible although we never admit this. With this in mind let us try and think about what to do when such a thing is sure to happen.

First of all think about dehidration. At least 2 litres of water need to wait for you by your bed for when you get back home. This simple task of leaving water there and driking it when you get home will aid your muscle a great deal by hydrating them and will prevent hangover. If you end up with a girl in the room (or man depending on your sex) be sure to make her go away as fast as possible because you will never get your buddies off your shoulders after this incident. This does not mean being rude, just speed up the process. Also, when getting himbe sure to drink a protein shake before going to bed. You can even mix it with the water that was waiting for you (that is if you can still stand). The last thing that needs to be done is having a big healthy breakfast rich in calcium, protein, iron and phosphorus.

The are just hints to do when you get to drink alcohool but the best thing would be to avoid it as much as possible, especially if you want to practice bodybuilding at a professional level!

Alcohol and Bodybuilding

If you are young there is a big chance at some points in time (for some more than others) a party will pop up. What are parties all about? Alcohool! That sweet liquid that gives you imense powers and helps everybody loosen up together with making couple hooking up a lot easier. The only question that comes up in this blog entry here is: does alcohool and bodybuilding mix? If you want an answer to this question you can only find one: NO! I am a drinker, I love getting heavily under the influence at parties but then again I am not into professional bodybuilding. A bodybuilder works hard to gain muscle and alochool does not mix well with this.
There are three main reasons why alcohol is not good for a bodybuilder. First of all it is made out of empty calories. It has no nutrients, just 7 calories per gram. If you per chance drink one shot of vodka you will take in around 100 calories. With teens like me one shot of vodka is usually just a beginning. Just try to think about how many calories you put in your body when you get that lovely dizzy feeling most people look for. It also slows down our metabolism so this also has to be considered.
The second thing that needs to be mentioned is that muscle growth is affected by drinking alcohool. The biggest effect is that protein synthesis is lowered by around 20% and the morning hangover also lowers training intensity. There are many negative body mass growth influences but these are the two that are the most important and easy to understand.
The last thing that should be mentioned is that alcohool will decrease testosterone and increase estrogen. This is also bad! Alcohool and bodybuilding do not mix!

The Importance of Sleep

Few people adequately understand the importance of sleep. A bodybuilder or an athlete in general must know that sleep is quite crucial in his workout. The most important two reasons why this is a fact are that the body will synthesise protein better when resting and the human mind will recharge for the following training session. Growth hormone and testosterone are also manufactured faster when the body is sleeping. The only real problem is that a bodybuilder really needs to sleep more than 8 hours each day and this means that during this time he will not be eating. An immediate effect of this is a decay in muscle because of the natural need our bodies have to consume in order to regain maximum power. Before going to bed every lifter, bodybuilder or fitness practitioner needs to eat high protein meals right before going to sleep.

One Gram of Protein per pound

Today's athletes and mostly bodybuilders are aware of the importance of protein in their raily diets. This is a very good thing to notice as I can see many individuals that start going to the gym who are interested in nutrition facts. One of the real problems that appear is closely linked to protein as few people realize the correct amount a body really needs. Some will continue to state that 70-80 grams of protein per day is enough. It has been proven to be wrong. A bodybuilder will put more stress on his muscles than a regular athlete and this causes an immediate need for extra nutrients. Eating food that is rich in protein like eggs, milk, red meat and chicken is the second most important thing in bodybuilding training after the workout itself. A good starting point for every begginer and some more experienced bodybuilders is to apply a simple formula of 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of bodyweight (although there is a need for even more with pros taking even double the amount in their organisms). For instance, if you weigh 100 Kg. you should have 220 grams of protein in your daily diet. For an average bodybuilder the grams of protein needed rise to 375.

Great Body Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock is quite an interesting fellow. For those that do not know he is involved in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting competitions and has seen quite a lot of fights in his career. You could say he is a tough dude but he is also very generous and treat to be around. Many people will think that he is Ken Shamrock, "the world's most dangerous man". Well they are two different people and Ken is actually Frank's step brother as he was an orphan. His dad was Bob Shamrock and Ken Shamrock was the first one to go into mixed martial arts. Frank soon followed. His real name is Frank Alisio Juarez III and he was the first fighter in the middleweight class to hold the title and actually retired as the five time undefeated champion. As you can see he was not sloppy at all and he is quite well known in MMA circles.

Great Body - Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is currently a wrestler involved with World Wrestling Entertainment. He gained a lot of popularity recently thanks to a match in this year's Wrestlemania, which he won. The match involved two other important wrestling superstars: his opponent Umaga and special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The match also involved billionaires Donald Trump and WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Here are some raw facts about Bobby Lashley:

Real name: Franklin Roberto Lashley
Height: 6'3"
Current Weight: 273 lbs.
Date of birth: July 16, 1976
Born in: Kansas City, Kansas
Pro Wrestling debut: 1999
Trained by: OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)
Finishing move: Dominator

Bobby Lashley was very impressive when he debuted on WWE and this was because he did not talk match but his in ring intensity and his moves (especially the suplexes with the belly-to-belly suplex as a crowd favorite) are spectacular. He is currently wrestling under ECW banner and he is actually the ECW world heavyweight champion there. Hope to see more of him soon as he does look very good and has huge power and intensity. Bobby Lashley is trully a great body.

Great Body - 50 Cent

I am definitely not a 50 Cent fan but I have to admit and we all have to recognize the fact that he has a great body. Because of this I thought about letting you know some facts about 50 cent that you might not have known. We are not talking about his workout or anything, just about this rapper that has enjoyed and still enjoys quite a big success.

FULL NAME: Curtis Jackson
BIRTHDATE: July 6, 1976
BORN IN: South Side Jamaica, Queens , New York
EDUCATION: Andrew Jackson High School, HE got kicked out in 10th grade for posession of crack
SON: Marquise Jackson (6 years old)
FORMER JOB: Hustling since he was 12 years old, mostly selling drugs
WAS ALMOST KILLED ON: May 24, 2000 - He was Shot 9 times in a drive-by near his grandma's house. One of the bullets went through his left cheek and knocked out a tooth and a piece of his gum. This actually created his rap voice!

Other FACTS:

- He is left handed
- A big part of 50's reputation was given by JAY-Z as the rapper attacked Jay on one of his tracks and he retaliated on one of his songs. This gave Curtis Jackson a street credibility quite hard to gain.
- Before signing 50 Cent Eminem battled him to see if he is worth to sign. Slim Shady won but 50 Cent claims it was because he was forced to go first.
- He was given many other contract opportunities but signed with Shady because he knew he could say anything on a record with EM as a producer.

Learning the Mandatory Budybuilding poses

There are a lot of individuals that ask around the gym how to do the mandatory bodybuilding poses. Few will actually explain them properly so I thought about finding a video online that can show everything. Well I did and this is it! Enjoy and learn your first steps in professional bodybuilding!