Great Body - 50 Cent

I am definitely not a 50 Cent fan but I have to admit and we all have to recognize the fact that he has a great body. Because of this I thought about letting you know some facts about 50 cent that you might not have known. We are not talking about his workout or anything, just about this rapper that has enjoyed and still enjoys quite a big success.

FULL NAME: Curtis Jackson
BIRTHDATE: July 6, 1976
BORN IN: South Side Jamaica, Queens , New York
EDUCATION: Andrew Jackson High School, HE got kicked out in 10th grade for posession of crack
SON: Marquise Jackson (6 years old)
FORMER JOB: Hustling since he was 12 years old, mostly selling drugs
WAS ALMOST KILLED ON: May 24, 2000 - He was Shot 9 times in a drive-by near his grandma's house. One of the bullets went through his left cheek and knocked out a tooth and a piece of his gum. This actually created his rap voice!

Other FACTS:

- He is left handed
- A big part of 50's reputation was given by JAY-Z as the rapper attacked Jay on one of his tracks and he retaliated on one of his songs. This gave Curtis Jackson a street credibility quite hard to gain.
- Before signing 50 Cent Eminem battled him to see if he is worth to sign. Slim Shady won but 50 Cent claims it was because he was forced to go first.
- He was given many other contract opportunities but signed with Shady because he knew he could say anything on a record with EM as a producer.

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