Fitness and Life

Take a second to think about fitness in general! What do you gain from this? The only thing that usually comes to mind is: a fit body! The truth as I see it is that you have a lot more to gain from fitness, bodybuilding and sports in general. First of all you get discipline and good habits are developed. You also learn about moderation and how everything in one's life needs to be moderated in order to succeed. You can not workout every single day as your body will crash. In life you can not sleep just a few hours per day without getting tired or keep on going with your job without a vacation. It's the same thing and fitness teaches you this! As you keep on working out you immediately learn that priorities are important and that you have to set your goals in order to suceed. For every action there is a consequence always and learn the fact that you should focus on the travel and not the destination. You must not look at where you can get but how you are going to get there. Fitness keeps you motivated and teaches you all of these and a whole lot more. There is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn't keep on practicing fitness!

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