Great Body - Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is currently a wrestler involved with World Wrestling Entertainment. He gained a lot of popularity recently thanks to a match in this year's Wrestlemania, which he won. The match involved two other important wrestling superstars: his opponent Umaga and special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The match also involved billionaires Donald Trump and WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Here are some raw facts about Bobby Lashley:

Real name: Franklin Roberto Lashley
Height: 6'3"
Current Weight: 273 lbs.
Date of birth: July 16, 1976
Born in: Kansas City, Kansas
Pro Wrestling debut: 1999
Trained by: OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)
Finishing move: Dominator

Bobby Lashley was very impressive when he debuted on WWE and this was because he did not talk match but his in ring intensity and his moves (especially the suplexes with the belly-to-belly suplex as a crowd favorite) are spectacular. He is currently wrestling under ECW banner and he is actually the ECW world heavyweight champion there. Hope to see more of him soon as he does look very good and has huge power and intensity. Bobby Lashley is trully a great body.

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