One Gram of Protein per pound

Today's athletes and mostly bodybuilders are aware of the importance of protein in their raily diets. This is a very good thing to notice as I can see many individuals that start going to the gym who are interested in nutrition facts. One of the real problems that appear is closely linked to protein as few people realize the correct amount a body really needs. Some will continue to state that 70-80 grams of protein per day is enough. It has been proven to be wrong. A bodybuilder will put more stress on his muscles than a regular athlete and this causes an immediate need for extra nutrients. Eating food that is rich in protein like eggs, milk, red meat and chicken is the second most important thing in bodybuilding training after the workout itself. A good starting point for every begginer and some more experienced bodybuilders is to apply a simple formula of 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of bodyweight (although there is a need for even more with pros taking even double the amount in their organisms). For instance, if you weigh 100 Kg. you should have 220 grams of protein in your daily diet. For an average bodybuilder the grams of protein needed rise to 375.

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