Great Body Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock is quite an interesting fellow. For those that do not know he is involved in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting competitions and has seen quite a lot of fights in his career. You could say he is a tough dude but he is also very generous and treat to be around. Many people will think that he is Ken Shamrock, "the world's most dangerous man". Well they are two different people and Ken is actually Frank's step brother as he was an orphan. His dad was Bob Shamrock and Ken Shamrock was the first one to go into mixed martial arts. Frank soon followed. His real name is Frank Alisio Juarez III and he was the first fighter in the middleweight class to hold the title and actually retired as the five time undefeated champion. As you can see he was not sloppy at all and he is quite well known in MMA circles.

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