The Marine's Revenge

Let us talk a bit about John Cena. He is a wrestler, a pretty charismatic one with huge potential that still did not reach its peak (although he is WWE Champion). He is also a rapper with a decent album, one that was a lot better than I expected. Now John Cena transformed in The Marine. If you have been watching WWE Raw you definitely saw or heard about the movie. I just saw it and I must say I was dissapointed. I was sure that John Cena was not actor material and the movie did not show that he is but it also did not show the contrary. There isn't much acting in the movie. If you want a lot of action and explosions this is the movie for you. John Cena basically kicks ass in a variety of ways. You can of course see some wrestling moves including a shoulder tackle and a nice one handed cholk slam. Besides that you will get to watch a pretty unreal movie. I can not believe that in the 20th century we still produce movies like this. Don't get me wrong, the movie is not that bad. It was funny in a couple of situations and the effects, fighting and overall action of the movie were pretty interesting. The main thing that distrubes is that John gets out of the most incredible situations without any injury at all. A gas station explodes, he is inside the shop and he survives, he falls off a cliff with a car and survives and he gets taken through buildings and still survives without anything broken. On the other side a simple John Cholk Slam through some pieces of wood destroy an opponent. HMMMM. you will see what I mean. The Marine - John Cena's first movie. My overall opinion (better than Hogan's movies but worse than many others)

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