John Cena's workout

I see that many people ask around: What is John Cena's workout? I must say that I did not know but I imagined what it should be like, with a lot of cardio and less concentration on becoming stronger during competitional fighting times. I did a search and documented myself on John Cena's workout and this is what I found out.

Cena is usually on the road 4 days a week and is also pretty active with his rap career and the launch of a movie that I think was a flop ("The Marine") although it was pretty succesful. This WWE superstar has a great body as everybody realizes and the facts stay simple: he has to get to the gym. In an interview for Men's Fitness he said that:
"I have to make it to the gym--it's the only way I'll survive in the ring. But I can't train heavy because I'm wrestling all the time or in places where I can't get good food, so it's hard to recover. Instead, I circuit-train one body part per session. If I'm working chest, I'll do six exercises--one after the other--with no rest in between. It doubles as a cardio workout, and it keeps me pumped. That allows me to stay big, but I can't really get stronger."
This is basically how all WWE and TNA superstars survive. It is not easy to be a professional wrestler and to be a succesful one is even more difficult. Cena for instance said around a year ago that he only benches around 315 pounds which is less then you would actually think he can when you take a look at his body. Genetics is a big part of John Cena's body and everybody must realize this. There is no sense in wanting arms like this wrestler and doing a research on his arm routine, adopting it and thinking you will have his arms. You need to find what is best for you, not for John Cena.

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