Optimists get fewer Heart Attacks

A recent Dutch research study has proven the fact that Optimists have a lot fewer chances of suffering from strokes or heart attacks than Pessimists. The reason thought is that Optimists tend to exercise more and have a bigger power of adaption to the stress of day to day life together with a straight forward going attitude. Researchers declared:

"It's likely that optimism affects cardiovascular health in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. One possibility is that optimists are better at coping with adversity, and may, for example take better care of themselves when they do fall ill. This study suggests that being positive and optimistic as we get older may have some effect on our wellbeing and reduce the risk of heart and circulatory disease. Previous research on lack of social support, depression, and having lack of control in life showed that people may be more at risk of developing coronary heart disease. This new study adds weight to the argument that if we feel optimistic and supported it may have a positive effect on our health and hearts."

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