What body parts are usually pierced?

I just came across an interesting poll about piercings. The question was: "What body part do you have pierced?" 18% had nothing pierced while 38% had their ear pierced. This is pretty much how I thought about it with the next parts also having some support:
belly button 76 10%
tongue 70 9%
genitals 44 6%
nipple 43 6%
nose 36 5%
eyebrow 29 4%
lip 17 2%
other 20 3%

Some thoughts about smoking

Did you know that smoking first appeared around 300 years ago but only became popular after World War II? Also, did you know that every year 1 million people die because of smoking? The last 50 years showed us that cigarette smoke contains numerous substances that hurt the human body but we still keep smoking! The all talked about nicotine is a very destructive substance. Just 5 mg can kill a dog by paralizing his nerves and around 50-60 mg can do the same to any human being. Besides this substance you must know that others are even more destructive. By burning, the cigarette releases much more dangerous vapors in the air and indirectly in our lungs. There are many far worse substances in a cigarette we must deal with!

Workout motivational quotes

"live to workout. Workout to live. "
"I live for pain and long for the iron to make me weak again"
"Live Through the Pain or TAP OUT!"
"Get up prince of troy i will not have a rock steal my glory"
"If it wasn't painfully difficult then you didn't do it right "
"I knew I wasn't the biggest guy or the strongest.
What I did know is that I could outwork anyone in the joint with 100% "
"Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win."
"Losers complain, winners train"

And the final one by none other than Ronnie Coleman:
"Lifting weights beside jay cutler gives me such a massive raging bonor. I just wish i could shove my blue veined throbber into his ass every time he does a deep squat and i'd say "i'll spot you jay hunny" and then we'd make out in the showers."